We genuinely believe in some of life's most valuable traditions: food made with care, true conversation, and memorable time spent together. Come along.


Based in Richmond, Virginia, our aim is to bring to you the simplicity of good food and share the merriment of gathering together to experience meals prepared with thought and care. When we reflect on our favorite moments, food is central to most of them - after meals are set on the table, when the drinks are poured, and savory aromas fill the air. 

At The Dog and Pig Show, our intention is to recreate this environment leaving you with fond memories of delightful conversation and community over a dinner table. Join us monthly as we serve cuisine made with local ingredients, thoughtfully curated libations and desserts that are the perfect conclusion to our evening together.


Follow along, and learn more.


We're a hardworking pair with a sincere passion for healthy appetites, freshly poured cocktails and slow meals shared with the ones we love.


Isabel Eckrosh


With her education firmly rooted in (among other areas) design, Isabel brings her aesthetically equipped vision for The Dog and Pig Show to life. As a stylist, her love for texture, colors and arrangements are obvious passions expressed though the curation space, small details, and even the chef himself. As a divine coupling, Isabel is the dessert connoisseur of the pair. Her love of creating a dessert that is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the palate is an exceptional talent that is inspired by family traditions, holidays and travel.

James Eckrosh

Executive Chef + Proprietor

James began his career cooking in his stepbrother’s restaurant and cultivated his skills through dedication and long hours in the kitchen. James developed a passion for Thai and Japanese cuisine while living and working in Los Angeles, and these cuisines have had a firm influence on his culinary endeavors. While cooking on the bustling and adventurous culinary stage of the Big Easy, James worked in various places until his skill, dedication and gluttony for punishment led him to an executive chef position at the highest rated brunch spot in town.

Through his love for Southern and Creole fare fusing with his Asian gastronomic influences, James has found an interpretation for The Dog and Pig Show to speak to any palate. His food, like his taste in music and literature, is always evolving; and most of all, is never boring or bland.


It all started with a simple idea: meals shared together with really, really good food.

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