Sunday Supper April '14

How quickly April came and is now almost gone! We were so happy to exit the month with an amazing supper. The meal was incredible and the company so very lovely. Thank you all for joining, and we look forward to more Sunday meals!

Please check out Instagram for all images detailing the food and evening. 


Sous Vide Strip Loin, Crispy Shallot Rings, Baby Kale + Arugula, Chimichurri


House Made Boudin, Tempura Green Tomato, Remoulade, Pickles


Shrimp + Grits

Gulf Shrimp, 3 Cheese Grits, Kimchi Bacon Butter, Beer, Braised Kimchi Collard Greens, Caviar



Cheesecake Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips, French Press, Stroopwaffle